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Sep 13, 2023

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Sydney Preferred: a deeper level of personalization and insight for your clients

Sydney Preferred is a premium, buy-up solution delivering a fully integrated hub that includes all employees and benefits. It helps build a culture of well-being and delivers a personalized experience designed to lower costs and improve health for everyone.

Using SydneySM Health as the foundation, Sydney Preferred allows for a deeper level of personalization and insight with your clients’ entire workforce population in mind whether they are plan members or not.

Sydney Preferred offers your clients:

  • Over 150 seamless third-party integrations with solutions they have invested in.
  • The ability to promote third-party programs in key areas, including landing pages, Find Care, and the personalized recommendations section.
  • Better visibility into the health of the whole workforce through advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Customized messaging to reach all employees with personalization to draw them in and keep them engaged.
  • Co-branding that connects employees to one benefit hub delivering a single, trusted digital experience.
  • The ability to create advanced health and wellness challenges that build camaraderie and teamwork while focusing on healthy habits.

Sydney Preferred is a trusted resource to encourage a culture of well-being, deliver personalized experiences, and lower costs of care by improving employee health for all employees, including those who are not plan members.

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Sydney Health is offered through an arrangement with Carelon Digital Platforms, a separate company offering mobile application services on behalf of your health plan. ©2023

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