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Aug 30, 2021

  • Small Group
  • CO
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Online submissions will be processed quicker

We are implementing parallel processing for Small Group ACA online submissions. When we receive online forms for a Small Group sale, our credentialing and enrollment teams will work in parallel. The group will be set up faster and ID cards issued sooner. This does not apply to composite billed groups. You must submit complete, clean online documentation for SG sales. All required forms and documentation must be submitted through Front Office Automation (FOA) for parallel process (faster processing). We’ll send groups a message to let them know about the process.

We may send ID cards to members before a group is credentialed through underwriting, so it is important to submit clean and valid group and membership information to avoid any potential problems for members. 

Please note these important reminders and tips to get your clients processed quickly and accurately:

  • Be sure the products indicated on the group app match the products quoted
  • Tax documents should be the most current available and quarterly wage reports reflect data from one of the two most recent quarters
  • Enrollment census is complete, names are spelled correctly and DOB are accurate
  • All information, especially the SIC Code, listed on the group application matches the quote
  • All member information (including DOB) is correct and there are no typos

This process will help you and your clients as we enter into peak season.

Please contact your sales representative if you’ve not yet submitted your new Small Group ACA sold cases through FOA, or if you need more information.

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