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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Aug 31, 2021

  • Large Group
  • GA

We are removing preliminary quotes from application process

We are removing preliminary quotes from the Large Group (51 to 99 members) application process so that we can provide faster quotes. We will need all required documents upfront to provide a firm rate. 

Submit the new Georgia Underwriting Questionnaire and receive a final proposal for Large Groups within two business days. The process is simpler, faster and avoids delays and changes from initial proposals. You can use the new questionnaire by downloading and extracting this compressed file to your computer. To create a usable document, right-click on the link and choose Copy link address, paste the address into your browser, then right-click on the downloaded file and choose Extract All….

You will need to provide the medical questionnaire, census, benefit summaries or SBCs, current/renewal rates to receive a firm quote.

Brokers will need to provide the following information for their clients:

  • Census (member or subscriber)
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Home zip codes
    • Relationship (if applicable)
    • Medical tiers or contract types
  • Completed underwriting GA questionnaire
  • Current benefit summaries or SBCs
  • Current and renewal rates
  • Name of appointed producer

If we do not receive the required documents and information, we will send a request for the missing information and place the prospect on pended status for up to seven business days. If the requested information is not received by then, the RFP request will be closed. In that case, we’ll notify you by email that you must resubmit the application with the required documents to receive a quote.

Please contact your Anthem representative for more information.

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