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May 23, 2023

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Sydney’s Virtual Care offers convenient personalized care

In an upcoming EmployerAccess article, we’ll tell your clients how Virtual Care through the SydneySM Health mobile app provides convenient, low-cost personalized care for their employees.

Virtual Care makes it easier and more affordable for employees to focus on their overall health. Sydney can help them access high-quality, budget-friendly care, day or night, even while they are at lunch or on a break. They can also use the app to order and refill prescriptions.

Through Sydney, your client’s employees can receive:

  • Comprehensive primary care, coordinated by a care team. 
  • A personalized care plan and follow-ups.
  • Unlimited access to care, including prescription refills and referrals.
  • 24/7 on-demand urgent care support.
  • Annual preventive care (wellness) visits by video that offer members a comprehensive health review with age-appropriate screening recommendations, preventive labs, and overall health risk assessment.

The addition of virtual primary care, including annual preventive care visits, allows us to focus on the whole-health journey — providing employees with support beyond their urgent care needs.

Visit for more information.

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