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Medicaid Renewal Broker Resource Toolkit

Webinar recording now available

On October 24, we held the third in our series of Ask the Expert webinars created to keep you up to date on Medicaid disenrollments. Anthem experts covered a host of topics, including procedural disenrollment trends and challenges, coverage effective dates, and CMS’ 2024 documentation requirements for brokers who help members enroll in Marketplace coverage. And most importantly, they answered dozens of your questions.

Listen to the webinar (password Anthem2023)
Download the presentation
We’ll post answers to all the questions we received very soon.

Ensuring every employee is covered

Medicaid eligibility reviews are just one reason some of your group clients’ employees may find themselves with no health care coverage. While Individual Open Enrollment has ended for this year, solutions for staying covered are still available to help ensure every employee, whether full-time or part-time, is covered.

Our Bridging Better Health website is a suite of resources that makes it easy for employers to help their uninsured employees get and stay covered. The site includes employee-facing resources like email templates, posters, and intranet copy. Please take a look and share with your clients.

In addition to all the information and resources on this page, here are some quick links you’ll find helpful in guiding those affected to the right solution for their needs:

Coverage options for individuals
Medicaid state profiles
Resources to share with your clients
Appointment process

The Impact of Medicaid Renewal – A Medicaid to Group Example

Meet Rhonda*

In 2020, Rhonda became unemployed and enrolled in Medicaid coverage. During the summer of 2021, she started a new job.

*Rhonda's story represents a potential member journey and is hypothetical in nature.

When the open enrollment season began that fall, Rhonda waived employer-sponsored coverage with her employer and maintained her Medicaid benefits.

When Medicaid renewals and eligibility reviews resume, Rhonda realizes she will no longer qualify for Medicaid coverage because her income has changed.

Rhonda asks her company's Human Resources contact for employer-sponsored health plan information. She will be eligible to sign up outside of the open enrollment period due to her qualifying life event.

She discusses her options with her Human Resource contact, including an employer-sponsored plan with Anthem.

Resources you can share with your clients

  • Medicaid-Renewal-Prospect-Broker-sheet

    Medicaid Renewal Prospect Broker sheet

    Fillable flyer to give you an opportunity to promote selling during Medicaid Renewal period.



  • Medicaid-Spanish-Renewal-Prospect-Broker-sheet

    Medicaid Spanish Renewal Prospect Broker sheet

    Fillable flyer in Spanish to give you an opportunity to promote selling during Medicaid Renewal period.



  • Coverage-options-for-individuals

    Coverage options for individuals

    A site with information about coverage options.


    CO, CT, IN, KY, ME, MO, NH, NV, OH, VA, WI, GA

  • Employee-coverage-options-flyer

    Employee coverage options flyer

    A flyer that explains coverage options and provides more information about coverage types.


    CO, CT, IN, KY, ME, MO, NH, NV, OH, VA, WI, GA

  • Employee-resources-flyer

    Employee resources flyer*

    A flyer for members who might be losing their coverage that explains next steps. *This marketing material is not yet approved in all states.


    CO, CT, IN, KY, ME, MO, NH, NV, OH, VA, WI, GA

  • Employer-toolkit

    Employer toolkit

    Information and resources for employers to help their employees who could be losing Medicaid coverage.


    CO, CT, IN, KY, ME, MO, NV, OH, VA, WI, GA

  • Printable-information-flyer

    Printable information flyer

    A printable flyer that provides information about the end of continuous Medicaid coverage. 


    CO, CT, IN, KY, ME, MO, NH, NV, OH, VA, WI, GA

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